The act of documenting transactions taking place on each and every Blockchain is Bitcoin Mining. This gives every transaction legitimacy and then publicly transfers the transaction through the peer to peer network for everyone to see. Bitcoin miners are the people responsible for each transaction’s verification and validation before applying it to a block to construct a blockchain. When the next block is put on the blockchain, a miner may claim a reward that is usually in the form of bitcoins. For a smooth bitcoin mining, the more computational calculations solved, the more the compensation, all that is required of you is to purchase ant miner s9 and continue mining without any stress.

In order to take part in Bitcoin mining, you do not need to be a certified software developer or coder. For a Bitcoin mining novice, below is an easy to follow step by step guide.

  Purchase a specialized Bitcoin mining computer

Mining machines for Bitcoin

As greater computing power is utilized in mining, the mining system is becoming more and more dynamic. The higher the level of mining, the more complex it is to gain profits because the hardware investment has become so high.  Bitcoin mining is quite challenging, and before investing in hardware, you need to do sufficient research and know which is worth the investment. In the past, it was possible to mine Bitcoins using your own Computer, but with the difficulty of mining, this approach is no longer feasible, but the good news is there is new hardware that makes bitcoin mining seems pretty easy. The Antminer S9 ASIC miner is one of the most powerful Bitcoin miners currently on sale in the market and you need to buy one of these specially designed machines whose main function is bitcoin mining and begin your journey to bitcoin mining.

 A Lightweight Time-tested model

Currently, the most effective Bitcoin miner in the world, even quite smaller than many compact boom-boxes

The Antminer S9 is almost the same size and follows the same form factor as that of the extremely common Antminer S7. But it has more than three times the power of the S7 and twice the performance.

In order to produce more hash rate and efficiency than any bitcoin miner ever made, each Antminer S9 utilizes 189 such chips.

Acquire a Bitcoin wallet

Wallet for Bitcoin

To store your digital currency, you need to have a wallet that can either be local or online-based. The most important information to remember is a wallet that comes with a public wallet address and a private key or password. If your wallet is self-hosted, the file will prevent you from losing your investment if you need a copy of the wallet. If some bad thing happens to your computer, it serves as a backup pocket. For their mobile devices, one can also get wallets. The self-hosted or locally made wallet is a highly recommended wallet.

Consider being part of a pool

Mining Pool   

 You are advised to join a mining pool or decide if you’ll prefer to mine solo. A community of miners that come together to share resources, and rewards is regarded as a mining pool. When you combine your computing resources for higher outcomes, a pool ensures you quicker returns. Each pool has its own rules, method of reward, and the mining fee paid. You need to find one that meets your budget best. Mining alone is difficult and you may never get to see any investment returns.

 Get good mining software for your mining computer 

Depending on the device you are using, there are different free mining programs. The mining software helps to track your device and manage it is advisable to inform the group before connecting them to your software if you are in a pool. The systems run on a command line and will need a batch file to start correctly.

The Mine

You are good to go after all that. Run your mining software and begin by entering a username and password for your pool. As the miner runs, you will find that your computer is slowing down.

As the program makes the hardware heat up, it is very important to closely monitor the temperatures. The temperature can be kept in control by certain programs such as Speed Fan ‘ before you even start working as you can’t risk literally blowing up your investment. You should randomly check how well you’re doing to see if your investment is carrying on smoothly.

How to Create a Hash

If you don’t know how to go about it, generating a hash from a set of Bitcoin blocks is very simple. The tragic part is that by simply looking at the hash, you cannot work out the data you will need to test various blocks.

However hashes are contained in the blocks, and to confirm that the data is valid, you have to combine them. Some miners are trying to take the easy route by attempting to fake a transaction by altering an already saved block.

You should remember that each hash is special and relevant to a particular block; thus, you change the hash when you manipulate a given block. The block is found as fake when a given miner runs a hash tag function on the manipulated block, and you won’t get any rewards.

Reward for Mining

When you solve a proof of work efficiently, you get a mining bonus. The number of Bitcoins in the payout depends on a number of variables, such as the problem’s complexity. You have to solve several problems for you to make more money. To help you overcome as many problems as possible, you will need to have high-speed computers like ant miner s9. Many

Mining pools have sprung up that are simply based on a very basic concept. A group of miners comes together to work on a series of blocks. The miners share the rewards once the problem is solved.

In conclusion

Bitcoin mining would not only be lucrative when done with the right data and resources, but it is also a fun and secure way to move cash across the internet once you have the correct software and strong computer hardware you can make as much money as possible.

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