What is the maximum order quantity?

There is no maximum order quantity. If you wish to place a bulk order, please contact us for more discounts.

Can I pick up my purchase directly from warehouse?

For your convenience, we ship the product to your provided address. However, in case of urgency, you can pick up the miner from our warehouse, provided you have a prior appointment (raised at the time or before placing an order).

How do I confirm you have received my payment?

Thank you for your payment! You will receive an auto-generated order number, payment details and other details to your registered email address.

Can I modify my order details?

We will happily make changes to your order details, provided that the shipment has not already left our warehouse. Some of the modifications include:

  1. Change in name
  2. Change in address
  3. Change the phone number.

Is the power supply unit included along with the miner?

Yes, the power supply unit comes with the miner without any additional charges.

Our power supply unit is shipped based on the country’s standards to ensure a safe connection of the miner.

Are the stated prices of the miners regularly updated on the website?

Constant updates keep our miners on top. We update at the start of every day and ensure that anything that affects our pricing is reflected in the current price.

Are there any hidden charges?

Because customer service is our top priority, we have transparent pricing without any hidden costs.

How long will it take for an order to ship?

We do our best to get your product out as soon as possible so you can start to enjoy mining it as soon as possible. However, at times of high demand, it usually takes about 2-4 days for us to ship your product.

How do I pay with cryptocurrency if I don’t have a Coinbase account?

Since it is not necessary to have a Coinbase account or wallet in order to make a payment in cryptocurrency, you can transfer cryptocurrency from one of your wallets/exchanges to our specific coin wallet address.