How To Use Antminer

Antminers are a type of computer hardware that has been designed to perform the mining process. They are devices that have been created for one purpose, and they never stop until their task is completed. This means they consume less electricity and produce more coins in comparison with other types of computers. The right configuration can make your miner more efficient than ever before!

The Antminer S11 is the latest generation of bitcoin miners and has a hashrate up to 220 TH/s. It can mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash or any other SHA256 based coin that might be profitable in future.

Types Of Antminers

There are four main types of antminers: Bitmain Antminer T18S (the newest), Bitmain Antminer D15 (lowest power consumption), Bitmain Antiminer L21 & Bitmain Antiminer B29 – These use different chipsets for mining ASICs with hashing powers between 20 GH/s and 140+ GH/s respectively. All three models support both Scrypt algorithm as well as SHA256 algorithms which makes them suitable for Litecoin mining and Bitcoin Cash mining respectively.

Antminers are usually delivered as a kit with the miner, power supply, Ethernet cable, user manual and sometimes also USB cables or WiFi antennas. The major components in an antminer include: controller board (CPU), mainboard/built-in memory card (RAM), built-in fan(s) & heatsinks to keep it cool during operation, power adapter that converts AC voltage into DC current needed by the other components of your miner. You can use these configurations below to set up your own rig at home!

how to use antminer

Getting Started

Get started today! If you don’t have one already you will need an ASIC bitcoin miner like Bitmain’s latest release – S11 miners.

The next step is to find out what type of Antminer you have. The first and second generation antminers are different from the third-generation antminers, so make sure that if your miner came with a power supply unit it matches up with the region in which you live or purchase one for this purpose. If the device was manufactured before 2014 then it’s most likely an older model antminer and doesn’t use any software interface like cgMP, but instead communicates through command line interfaces (CLI). To know whether or not your Antminer supports cgMP there will be either two ports on its back labeled “cgMinerInterfacePorts” or no such labels at all.

For Antminers that do not support cgMP, you will need to download the appropriate mining software for your antminer. If it doesn’t have a power supply unit then you may be able to buy one that is compatible with its region of use (e.g., 120V versus 220V). You can find out what type of miner you have and download the correct command line interface on Bitmain’s website by using their mining identification code search tool:

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